Sunday, June 27, 2010

Facebook Causes Promotes Ft Myers Food Pantry

Among the many uses of social media giant Facebook, I'm a bit surprised to discover Facebook provides at cost, an effective method of raising money and awareness for any federally designated 501c3 charity.

I chose to to promote the local food bank in my back yard. Facebook causes allows you to request your Facebook friends to donate and this part I found most interesting: If your friends don't have the cash flow you can guilt your friends into guilting their Facebook friends.

The more time I spend with fund raising for local Ft Myers charities, I'm finding out if you ask 100 people to donate $5.00 40 will say "yeah sure", less than 2 will follow through.

So if the percentage of people who actually follow through is that low, it stands to reason, if you really intend to raise X amount of money, you're going to have guilt them, with a cattle prod if necessary.

Anything less than a full court press will result in less than effective return.

Therefore I'm resolving to pester all my Facebook friends. If they don't have the spare change, the least they can do is to agree to pester all of their Facebook friends... so they might be able to "save face".

The url to the specific Facebook Causes page is:

Richard Thomas, Social media/SEO Consultant in Ft Myers Florida, Writer, interested in making a positive difference in my community including but not limited to: regional search engine marketing for small businesses in Ft Myers Florida. Local Google Ranking Improved for both companies and charities. 501c3 non profit promotion done pro bono.

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