Sunday, June 27, 2010

But For The Grace Of Go I ... You Could Be Next Ft Myers!


Suze Orman counsels us to keep 8 months of our current income in the bank as a back up, that is NOT counting what we should be saving, she's talking about our rainy day fund.

If you lost your job TODAY, and it took you 6 months to find a suitable replacement for your current job... do you have 6 months salary in the bank RIGHT NOW?

Damn Few Of You Do

Frederick MD Homeless now off streets

Donate to your favorite charity AND donate some groceries to what ever local foodbank is nearest you, and do it RIGHT NOW.

More than a few of my readers are calling me to find out where they can go to volunteer at the foodbank, well there is more than one foodbank in Frederick Maryland and there is more than one soup kitchen.

I tell everyone to call the City of Frederick's Frederick Community Action Agency if you are wanting to volunteer at a soup kitchen.
100 S Market St
Frederick, MD 21701-5527
(301) 694-1506
I found this interesting provocative post about homelessness on Google and thought it newsworthy enough to repost here.
Credit for this post goes to Frederick Maryland Charities

In Ft myers and all across the country families that have always considered themselves middle class are now facing struggles they never anticipated. With layoffs, reduced hours and wages, these families are fighting to pay their rent, or their mortgages, and having a tough time putting food on the table for their kids! Hundreds of families in Lee County have slipped into homelessness and are turning to our churches and charitable organizations for assistance, and many more are just one misfortune away from finding themselves in the same situation.

Imagine having to tell your child "there is nothing to eat for dinner tonight", and then realize for many in SWFL it's no daydream ... it's their REALITY!

Pick a local food bank or charity and lend your neighbors a helping hand!

  • Make a cash donation!
  • Donate Food! Canned, fresh, or frozen ... local food banks can handle all types of donations.
  • Donate your used plastic grocery bags!
  • Go to the dollar store and buy a can opener to throw in your bag of donated goods! You spend more on cigarettes or Starbucks than a can opener costs! Families that have lost EVERYTHING... have lost their can openers too!
  • Volunteer! Food banks and soup kitchens need people as much as they need material goods!

Ft Myers/SWFL Food Banks Need Can Openers

Richard Thomas, Social media/SEO Consultant in Ft Myers Florida, Writer, interested in making a positive difference in my community including but not limited to: regional search engine marketing for small businesses in Ft Myers Florida. Local Google Ranking Improved for both companies and charities. 501c3 non profit promotion done pro bono.

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