Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ft Myers Food Bank Needs Plastic Grocery Bags

Ft Myers Food Bank Needs Plastic Grocery bags

When I showed up at ICSL in South Ft Myers to deliver my "Meals on Wheels" route they were searching frantically for plastic grocery bags. The families that receive food from them are given bags to fill up with food based on the number of people in their household. In desperation they made a call to the South Ft Myers "Publix Supermarket" who gladly donated an entire box of bags ( you would be AMAZED at how much "Publix" does for local charity). In the past I've either returned my bags to the store, or thrown them away when the pile got too big ... it had never occurred to me they might be useful to a local charity. NOW I KNOW ... and so do YOU! Please donate your unneeded grocery bags to ...

Interfaith Caregivers of South Lee Inc.
17592 Rockefeller Circle
Ft Myers Fl. 33967

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