Thursday, June 3, 2010

Follow Up To " I Made The Call" Post ...

It appears I jumped to all the wrong conclusions! In a previous post I mentioned I'd left my number with one of our local charities and didn't get a call back. It left me guessing perhaps their needs were pretty well covered... well I was wrong! I finally got around to doing what I should have done in the first place ... I contacted them again, and they got back to me the first thing the next morning! Turns out not only do they desperately need volunteers, but, they are also in need of any kind of food donations as well. After a brief but informative conversation all my questions were answered and arrangements had been made for me to volunteer some time working with them. I look forward to posting details of my experience next week.

Richard Thomas, Social media/SEO Consultant in Ft Myers Florida, Writer, interested in making a positive difference in my community including but not limited to: regional search engine marketing for small businesses in Ft Myers Florida. Local Google Ranking Improved for both companies and charities. 501c3 non profit promotion done pro bono.

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