Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fort Myers Girl Scouts Give To Local Soup Kitchen

Fort Myers Girl Scout Troop 245 had decide they wanted to do something positive for their community with a portion of their profits from the sale of their Girl Scout Cookies. The leaders of the troop presented several ideas and allowed the girls to vote on which project they thought suited them best. After considerable discussion the girls decided upon CCMI's (Community Cooperative Ministries Inc.) "Birthday In A Bag" project. The leaders of the troop picked up the supplies needed and set aside a troop meeting for the girls to assemble the bags. The entire troop participated in decorating the bags and placing the contents in them. Each bag consisted of ...

Cake Mix
A Disposable Cake Pan
Noise Makers
Birthday Themed Plates & Napkins
Tie Dyed T-Shirts

The girls had a great time assembling and decorating the packaging and learned more than a little about how good it feels to do what you can to help those in need. Kudo's to the leaders and parents of the troop for doing what they can to instill a sense of civic responsibility and social awareness as they prepare these girls to be leaders and achievers in the next generation!
The girls hand delivered the packages to the office of Lisa Cronin, Volunteer Liaison for CCMI at the Fort Myers soup kitchen. She welcomed the girls, applauded their efforts, and took them on a "behind the scenes" tour of the offices, grounds, food bank, and finally the soup kitchen. The experience of the tour opened the eyes of the Girl Scouts and their leaders to the overwhelming need and the limited resources CCMI has at its disposal to combat hunger and provide sustenance to the needy. As we said our goodbye's and left the facility both the girls and the adults were already talking about their next project!

Below are pictures and a video of the excursion.

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