Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Learning The Ropes Of Local Charity In Ft Myers

I've devoted some time over the past week researching the various types of charitable and social service organizations exist in the Ft Myers area, and have been pleased to find there are many groups that address a diverse array of needs. I have also been surprised to find out that there are, in fact, needs for services that I never knew existed or if I was vaguely aware ... I didn't know the extent of the need. It had never occurred to me that there might be hungry people who, because of their age or lack of transportation, are incapable of going to a food bank or a soup kitchen. Likewise, I'd never considered these same people would find it difficult to get themselves to medical appointments, or even to the pharmacy to pick up their prescriptions. I learned just today that one of the major hurdles for Hispanics in the Ft Myers area is a lack of proficiency in speaking conversational English, which often times translates into difficulty locating an organization that can help them, and furthermore communicating their needs to them. In response to this need one of our local food banks has set up a classroom in the back of their distribution warehouse and devote considerable time to teaching English to those interested in learning.

I've also gotten the impression that while food and cash donations are always important ... the thing most of these organizations need more than anything else is for people to donate their time. Even a few hours a day once a week goes a long way when there are enough people volunteering. Take some time to consider what you can do to help when you have a few spare hours, it will be an eye opening and rewarding experience!

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